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Artists and bands are organized alphabetically (by artist last names, by band names) and by genre. If you have suggestions for additions to the list, feel free to contact us via Instagram.

Songwriter, Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz

Sian Alcorn Sadaf Amini Emily Bashall
Dave Barton Stephanie Braganza Lauren Carson
Clem Chesterfield Bon Evans Jonathan Davies
Moira Demorest
Michael C. Duguay Anthea Feaver Julia Finnegan
Chris Giguere Megan Hamilton Derek Harrison
Michelle Kasaboski Sam Kaiser Kyra and Tully
Erika Lamon Danielle Lennon Jon McLurg
Miss Emily Monach Chris Morris
Piner Gary Rasberry Jenica Rayne
John Rose Emily Steele & the Deal Evan Veenstra

Hip Hop, Electronic

Currently Working on this section.

Rock, Punk, Pop, Metal

Currently Working on this section.